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Toilets & Washlet

Washlet And Toilets

The bathroom today is very harmoniously fit into the interior of a modern home or apartment. Manufacturers offer a collection consisting of a toilet and washlet toilet with remote control. As well as other parts. This allows you to equip the room with the owner’s view of comfort and beauty. And having chosen a stylish bidet toilet for the bathroom, you can turn it into an oasis of comfort in the house.

Today plumbing is offered by many, but making the right purchase is not so simple. A mistake in the choice costs you not only money but also your own peace of mind. When you turn to our store, you can get competent, comprehensive and professional advice about bio bidet and toilets

What kind of toilets are there?

Needless to say that convenience is the main criterion that draws the attention of people when choosing a toilet and electronic bidet. Floor models, wall-mount, side-mount, compacts – there is something for everyone. Modern models of toilet bowls are made of high-quality porcelain or earthenware, have a superior level of comfort, compact size, and what is very important – an aesthetic design.

Floor toilets are more familiar, but if the room is not spacious enough, it is better to choose a wall-mounted toilet. Besides, it looks more elegant. The fantasies of manufacturers have no limit. Toilets from such famous manufacturers as Whitehouse, American Standard, Toto, EAGO and less known (but having won the trust of consumers) brands are able to satisfy the most fastidious buyers. Making your every morning enjoyable is one of the tasks we set for ourselves. Welcome to our store we sell in our store toilets Toto with price low 40% off.

We sell all model TOTO toilets in our showroom

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