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Shower Panels

What was the reason for such a rapid popularization of these shower elements?
A unique key role in strengthening the positions of the shower panel as an independent commodity unit in the sanitary products market was played by the growing trend towards the transition from universal shower solutions to more original ones.

Shower PanelUniversal shower elements in this context can be called those accessories that are well known to each of us. These are shower heads with a hose or shower stalls with a fixed shower, which today can be found in most residential buildings and apartments.

However, now, many users don’t want to drive themselves into any framework due to the specific dimensions of the bathroom and its other features. Hence, people do not disdain all sorts of experiments. Today, a more straightforward solution for such investigations is to install a shower element in any place you wish, whether the space above the bath itself or a separate corner allocated for shower procedures.

The ultimate product of the shower panel has become quite diverse in terms of execution. Of course, in each element, there are mandatory components, including the mainboard, which has a height of 40 – 90 inches, as well as a shower head in the form of an overhead shower attached to the base, hydromassage jet elements, and thermostats (thermostatic control elements).

Otherwise, designers have complete freedom of action and the opportunity to express their creativity by creating panels in a unique design. Also, for these purposes, materials of various quality and appearance can be used, depending on which modern shower panels are divided into classes: “affordable,” “medium,” and “premium.”