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Showers & Doors

Shower doors are an excellent solution for creating a unique bathroom style. They are designed not only for the overall appearance but also for comfort and convenience. Shower doors are not the only important element of the bathroom. So they are usually complemented with various shower systems, shower panels, and fixtures, We will figure out which doors to choose and tell you what to look for!

What do you need to know when buying shower fixtures and doors?

All doors can be divided into 4 types:

  • Sliding.
  • Swing.
  • Folding.
  • Swivel.

Glass doors

Glass doors mean reliability, aesthetics, style and comfort. They are practical, do not require special care, and their main task is to protect the room from moisture, and they do it perfectly!

Glass doors allow you to embody the most interesting design ideas: they are transparent, tinted, matte, with engravings and patterns, or even real paintings.


  • strength
  • aesthetics
  • durability
  • environmental friendliness
  • opportunity to implement design ideas
  • moisture resistance.

Tip: shower doors are made only of tempered glass – this is a very durable and reliable material that is quite difficult to break. BUT! Tempered glass is afraid of edge impacts. Therefore, be careful when installing and transporting.

Shower door design

And the most interesting thing is that the interior of the room also depends on the design of the doors! Do not neglect this indicator!

It can be distinguished:

  • tinted
  • matte
  • matte with artistic finish
  • with engraving, painting, color polymer film, stained glass.

For example, in a hi-tech room, glass doors in the shower decorated with geometric shapes look great, in Japanese style – images with the symbols of the country, but if you prefer just modernity, then a shower door with lighting will be a great option! True, with regards to the last idea, you need to properly insulate the wires, this is very important.

We live in a modern world and we have everything to make the bathroom stylish and modern!

Where to buy showers & doors in Brooklyn, New York?

You can buy a product anywhere, but buying a shower door that meets quality standards is a delicate matter.

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