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Luxury Bathroom Vanities

  • Sale! Socimobel 24 Inch KRON Bathroom Vanity 3 Drawers Color Purple Gold Glass Sink
  • Sale! Socimobel 40 Inch Luxury Kron Silver Color Ceramic Sink
  • Sale! Socimobel Luxury Kron 40 Inch Bathroom Vanity Gold finish Dark Brown Glass Sink
  • Sale! Socimobel LOFT-3 Glossy White 24 Inch Bathroom Vanity
  • Sale! Socimobel 28 inch Flower Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Glass Sink
  • Sale! Socimobel 32 inch Manhattan Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity
  • Sale! 24in Krom European Style Spanish Bathroom Vanity Gloss White
  • Sale! Socimobel Mickey Mouse 36 inch Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity
  • Sale! 24 in London White Gloss Wall-Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity NBSWL-0024-05HH
  • Sale! Socimobel 32 Inch London Glossy Red Bathroom Vanity Glass Sink
  • Sale! Socimobel London 32 Inch Wall Mount Vanity White Color Ceramic Sink
  • Sale! Eviva Jasmine 26-Inch Bathroom Vanity Color White With Acrylic Sink
  • Sale! Eviva Sydney 30-Inch Bathroom Vanity Color Blue And White With Quartz-Countertop
  • Sale! Eviva Sydney Bathroom Vanity 36 Inch Blue And White With Quartz Countertop
  • Sale! Socimobel 32 Inch Kron Bath Vanity Color Biscuit 3 Drawers Red Glass
  • Sale! Socimobel ROSE 36 inch Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Glass Sink _
  • Sale! 24-in CLOE European Style Spanish Bathroom Vanity Color Glossy Metallic white
  • Sale! Socimobel 32 Inch Freestanding Cabinet CORAL Color Pino Blanco 3 Drawers
  • Sale! 24 inch bathroom vanities
  • Sale! Socimobel 36 Inch SAMARA Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Color Estepa
  • Sale! Socimobel LOFT-3 Color Glossy Grey And White Modern Bathroom Vanity Yellow Glass Sink
  • Sale! Socimobel 28 inch Vanity YANE Color Marengo Forge Glass Brown sink

Luxury Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom is one of the most significant areas of an apartment. But it is also one of the most underestimated. There are so many things that can be done to make the bathroom better. And as a result, it will make the whole home better. So, you have to take care of choosing a proper bathroom vanity. There is nothing better for this than elegant and luxury bath vanities in your bathroom.
At New Bathroom Style, we know why this matters so much. We have gone out of our way to make sure you have access to the perfect bathroom vanities you require to take your bathroom to the next level. Here are some of the nuances you probably need to know about our store and why you need to become our client.

Luxury bathroom vanities

New Bathroom Style

New Bathroom Style is one of the leading suppliers of bathroom vanities, fixtures, and fittings in Brooklyn, New York. We sell all bathroom-related accessories. Our showroom is the perfect place to come if you are looking for a bathroom refit or modernization. Whether you want to replace your bathtub or have a complete overhaul – we are your one-spot stop to shop for all your bathroom needs.

Welcome to our Store in Brooklyn New York

Where to Buy Luxury Bathroom Furniture

Our modern luxury bathroom vanities rank as some of the best quality products. And it’s essential to make sure you make the most of these. If you are searching to buy bathroom vanities cabinets, you could head to our bathroom showroom in Brooklyn, NY. We are situated in Bensonhurst, offering 3500 square feet of entertaining space where you can see a wide range of bathroom vanities. We provide single sink vanities and double sink vanities wall mounted vanities and vanities sinks integrated sinks. Alternatively, you might like to consider visiting our website at and purchasing through our online store.

Floating and freestanding bathroom vanities Made in Spain and Italy

We have a stunning selection of designer bathroom vanities Made in Italy and Spain as part of our unique range. These unique and unusual designs make for an iconic addition to any bathroom. We have options from top companies such as the GB Group, Socimobel, and Bellezza. We have a unique selection of bathroom vanities in-store and on our website for you. Italian bathroom furniture heavyweights like Mia Italia are also one of our trusted suppliers.

Our Location

As we stated, we are based out of Brooklyn, New York, and are one of the Big Apple’s most popular and fashionable establishments. As any Brooklyn native knows, the class is everything, and you need the perfect bathroom to help with this. In addition to satisfying Brooklyn customers, we also welcome customers from other areas of New York.

As you can see, we are one of the leading suppliers of elegant bathroom vanities modern for bathrooms of every color and shape. Taking steps to see your bathroom improvement is so important, and you’d be amazed by the impact a new vanity unit can have on the property. Peruse our excellent selection of some of the best vanity units on the East Coast that can transform your bathroom.

If you have any questions about customer service shipping, please or service shipping delivery call us at 718-412-3675.

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