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Elegant Light Etude Collection LD4033W33 Finish Black & Brass, Black, Chrome


Elegant Wall Light Eclipse Collection LD6102W4 Finish Burnished Nickel, Brass and Black


Wall Lighting

The purpose of wall lighting is the zoning of the room and local lighting. The use of wall “lanterns” is appropriate in spacious rooms ranging from 40 sq. ft. In a compact space, you can limit yourself to ceiling lighting.

Popular options for wall-mounted “water” lamps:

  • sconce;
  • surface-mounted illuminators;
  • spots.

Bra. The traditional design is one or more lampshades mounted on one bracket.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are presented in any style – from classic to modern. The optimal installation location is pair placement on the sides of the mirror.
Overhead lamps. The compact ceiling does not take up much space and is fixed close to the wall. Choosing models made of moisture-resistant materials is better: stainless steel in tandem with glass and transparent plastic.

Bahtroom Lighting Fixutre 2

Overhead lamps

Overhead lamps are universal – they are suitable for vertical and horizontal placement. When choosing, they are repelled by the shape of the mirror. The neutral design of the plafond harmoniously complements modern interiors.

Lighting Spots

Spots. Wall installation allows you to maximize the purpose of the sites – local lighting.

If the goal is to create not only practical but also spectacular lighting, you can interestingly beat the walls with spotlights, a bright light panel, linear LED lamps, or LED strips.

Types of bathroom lights?
  • Pendant lights
  • Downlights (ceiling lights)
  • Vanity lights
  • Chandelier
  • Dimmer lights
  • Ceiling lamps
  • LED lights