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What should you remember when setting up the ceiling lights in the bathroom or kitchen?

It is both possible and vital to turn the bathroom into a cozy space that is pleasant and comfortable to be in, taking into account the humidity level. The same information should be determined about a kitchen too. It all depends on what design each homeowner prefers.
If the space and ceiling height permit, you can securely install a ceiling chandelier in the bathroom for general illumination, establishing a special ambiance, and implementing the room’s design solution. If it hangs safely away from water and operating ventilation, feel free to use the ceiling bathroom lights of your choice.
On the other hand, the kitchen is just a perfect place to place a ceiling lamp. You can easily hang it over the sinks or a countertop. A very beautiful style is guaranteed.
There are extremely uncommon examples of IP65-protected chandeliers in the classical design.
They may be put securely in the restroom, swimming pool, hammam, or even on the sidewalk.

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Waterproof ceiling light & Bathroom ceiling light fixtures

We come to the conclusion that bathroom chandeliers can be hung if the electrical and light fixtures are waterproof (IP20) is installed in a location free from water jets and steam concentration.
Let the innovative metal frame shapes stimulate your imagination as the crystal pendants dance like sunbeams on the wall tiles. Designer wall sconces and pendant lights may enhance the decor and showcase your own style.