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Door Locks and Handles

Your home’s entry door and the door lock are the first things people see when they come to you and your home entryway. New Bathroom Style has many intelligent locks for the entry door. And also a door hardware and master lock! Keep your house looking fresh and in style while protecting your home with a durable lock. There is a large selection of door handle, knobs, and handles to choose from satin nickel, chrome, and brushed nickel. We carry a wide range of styles and designs, so you can choose which one best suits your home and lifestyle. We try to make sure we always have many smart lock locks for your home. We have selected the best and most affordable pieces, from basic styles to a locking feature.

Door Knob Locks

Door Knob Locks

 With keyed

The door handles with keys is the type of door lock you will be happy to find on a door leading from the street to the inside of your home. Keyed handles allow personally to lock and unlock the door. The lock handles pair with one more safety for and additional security.


This interior lock has a button or thumb switch on one side. This allows the door to be locked from the inside. Privacy levers suit interior rooms perfectly. For example, bedrooms and restrooms where privacy is an obligatory element daily.


Handles without locks serve just for holding the doors clothed with a latch mechanism. These handles of door levers work best for places like closets and living rooms. Where privacy and security are not a concern.


Doorknob hardware does not contain any latching or locking mechanism. And it mounts directly onto the front side of the door. The best use of dummy levers – is a door, where only a pull is needed, and there is no need to remain the door latched or closed. Interior doors are one popular place to mount dummy handles. Whether you are looking for one or two-lever door handles, we have a great collection of single or double-door handles.

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