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Floating Bathroom Vanity

Floating Bathroom Vanity

On our website, you can find a variety of floating vanities that will give your bathroom a more modern appearance. A floating bathroom vanity attaches to the wall and leaves space below the vanity to the ground.

Are you looking for a modern style for your bathroom? Our floating cabinets are an excellent choice if you want to use your bathroom space in a smart way for a contemporary look. Wall mount bathroom vanities look amazing in any bathroom and they offer a number of benefits too. Install a floating bathroom vanity if you want to increase the floor space that you have available, especially if you want to install underfloor radiant heating. Small bathrooms are the perfect place for a bathroom wall cabinet, saving you space to maximize how much you have to use.

Traditional and modern floating cabinets

Our floating cabinets offer you a broad choice of styles, from traditional to modern and in a range of colors, sizes, materials, and finishes. We have bathroom vanities for every budget, helping our customers to choose the right product for their bathroom. Make your bathroom redesign complete or install a brand new bathroom for your new home with a floating cabinet that serves as a focal point for the room. At New Bathroom Style, we can help you to find the perfect vanity cabinets for your bathroom or bathrooms and even other spaces such as laundry rooms.

We have a showroom in Brooklyn where you can come and see our product range, or you can simply browse online to find your favorite products. We have an expert team who can help you with all of your needs, including choosing floating cabinets and other bathroom features and accessories. Find the vanity that you love today.

Shop our selection of Floating Bathroom Vanities on our website and browse a wide selection of Wall Mount Bathroom Vanities for sale in our showroom.