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Double Bathroom Vanities

Double Bathroom Vanities

Are you in search of a modern-looking double unit? You need to select a double cabinet that meets your personal design in your bathroom. If you like a contemporary design,  in this case, a vessel double unit is a good option for your apartment. Alike no more, New Bathroom Style offers a wide selection of 60 double vanities from different brands and for various prices.

 Vanity with 2 sink

If there is a double bathroom vanity in your apartment then it’s no need to stand in a line to wait to use the bathroom in the morning. A 2 sink allows two people to brush their teeth, wash their face, or put on their makeup at the same time. If you’re looking for the right solution for your bathroom, a double bathroom vanity can transform the space. It can give you the maximum amount of space to use, while also keeping things compact by delivering storage place, as well as two sinks. We offer both contemporary and modern bathrooms in different styles that make it easy for you to find a double cabinet that works for your bathroom design.

Storage place

Storage space underneath the double sink gives our two bathroom set a dual purpose. Cabinets and drawers allow you to store your bathroom accessories, toiletries, and medicines however you like. Some of our vanities even come with additional storage from side cabinets. You can choose from wall-mounted or free-standing vanities so that you can use the space in your bathroom in the way that you think is best.

New Bathroom Style aims to help residents of Brooklyn and beyond find their ideal bathroom fixtures and furniture. Our showroom allows you to see what our products could look like in your bathroom at home, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you to explore your options. Find something you love from our range of bathroom vanities, with materials ranging from marble and quartz to solid wood. Take a look at our range of vanities to discover how we can help.

Double sink vanities – is the best choice for homes where huge families live.

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