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Floor Tiles

Porcelain and Ceramic Floor Tile 

Ceramic floor tiles aren’t only specifically for floors or walls. Instead, they’re classified in line with their strength and sturdiness. Whereas any tile may be useful as a wall tile, solely sure grades of ceramic tile ought to be used for flooring. And also the grade you select can rely upon the kind and quantity of use the ground receives.

Making the Grade

Tiles are hierarchical on a scale of one through five. The tile grade ought to be listed on the box, however, if it’s not, you’ll contact the manufacturer and raise. Grade one is the lowest grade and is appropriate just for walls. Grade two is for walls or residential floors that don’t see serious traffic, like loos. Tiles appropriate for serious room-foot traffic or lightweight business floor use ar found in Grade three. Grade four tiles work well in business areas that receive serious traffic, like grocery stores and banks. Grade five tiles ar for industrial use and might handle serious traffic still as exposure to chemicals. serious industrial tiles are seldom utilized in homes as they typically look terribly commercial instead of ornamental.

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