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Decorating molding

Decorating molding

Decorating molding is a thing you can apply on big walls to work up uncovered parts. You’ll create some units of rectangular frames exploitation this sort of molding to push a fancy look and add character to a home. It’s a smart thing to choose a combination of colors that fit best in your bathroom. It’s simply a straightforward style. It connects to the wall that will not stand out an excessive amount of however adds beaux-arts detail to a home. Anyone is able install decorative molding employing a few easy tools.

1 Measure the length of your wall with the tape.
2 Measure a free room between every corner.
3 Apply a bead of construction adhesive to the rear of 1 of the items of molding.
4 Shoot brad nails through the molding every twelve inches to secure the molding to the wall.
5 Attach the remaining frames by continuance Steps three and four.
6 If the decorative frame molding has been antecedently finished, use a putty crayon to fill the holes.

As a result, you will get a perfect addition to your home decor combination. In our store you will find different types of decorating molding.

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