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Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Types Of Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Wall-Mounted Cabinets & Storage

Wall-mounted cabinets and storage is an ideal furniture option for placing in small rooms. Moreover, this is an excellent solution for concise design, as well as a good opportunity to mask plumbing, boilers, etc.

Eviva Aberdeen 18 Inch Freestanding Side Cabinet Color Grey

Floor-Standing Cabinets

Floor-standing cabinets are installed near the sink without the use of any special support. They also perfectly mask pipes, siphons, and hoses. Floor-standing storage is a very convenient and easy option to accommodate all the necessary items for hygiene accessories.

However, it has one significant drawback – water often can be accumulated under it, which leads to deformation of the bottom and walls. As a result, the furniture becomes unusable after a couple of years.

Blossom Sydney 12 Inch Side Cabinet Color Glossy White

Cabinets & Furniture With Supporting Legs

Bathroom furniture with supporting legs is a practical, durable, but also more expensive solution compared to floor-standing side cabinets. Due to the fact that the cabinet is mounted on supporting legs, you can always easily remove any accumulated dirt and excess moisture. Modern manufacturers pay special attention to special drawers for storing cosmetics, as well as the presence of open shelves for towels, which makes this type of furniture the most convenient to use.

In New Bathroom Style you will find a large selection of storage solutions, bathroom accessories, wall-mounted cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other storage ideas that will help improve the organization of your tiny bathroom. Please, call now to get a better deal & free shipping!

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