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Bidet Toilet Seat NYCWhen you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, you need to be thinking about the best possible design. You’ll want to be sure that it suits your taste in décor, along with the design you have for the rest of the house. And not only that, it’s great to make sure that you’re bringing in a modern finish. This can be particularly exciting when you currently have an old or outdated bathroom design that hasn’t been updated for years. And so, a gorgeous modern and luxury upgrade s exactly what you need. And New Bathroom Style can help you to achieve precisely that.

One of the best modern upgrades you’ll want to bring into your bathroom is the bidet toilet seat. As a toilet set combined with bidet style washlet technology, you’ll get to enjoy a modern bathroom experience. Here at New Bathroom Style, we have the best toilet washlet collection to help you choose the best possible product. With a comprehensive range of toilet washlet brands available, you’ll always be able to make the best choice when you’re shopping with New Bathroom Style.

When you’re looking for a toilet seat with a washlet, be sure to check out the styles offered by the leading names like Toto, Brondell, Bio Bidet, Coco. All of which are available here at New Bathroom Style. With a new system installed, your new bathroom will have the best luxury finish around, so browse below at our collection of styles, or head into our showroom today, 1973 65th Street Brooklyn, NY 11204.