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Pedestal sink for sale

The sink on a pedestal is the oldest among the many varieties of bathroom vanities and sinks (today it is called a pedestal sink). And this design has a lot of features.

What is pedestal sink?

A sink on a pedestal is a subgroup of wall-mounted sinks, the design of which uses a special pedestal. Based on the definition, two main design elements can be distinguished:

• Wall-mounted sink. Classic, without any special features.
• Pedestal. A floor column that performs the following functions: supporting the sink and hiding all the plumbing.

When to install pedestal sink?

Pedestal sink for salePedestal sinks have become widespread in the spacious bathrooms of apartments and private houses. Often they are used in offices, medical and educational institutions, etc.
And if your bathroom is limited in space, and every square inch is valuable, it is better to install another type of sink or vanity. The best option would be other types of sinks – wall-mounted or freestanding vanities. So the space underneath can be put to good use. It is not recommended to install pedestals in public places with high human traffic.

Types of pedestal sinks:

When choosing a pedestal sink, you should pay attention to the classifications:

• by dimensions;
• by forms;
• by materials.

Dimensions depend on the size of the bathroom – they should be decided in advance. You can choose the pedestal sink forms at your own discretion and depending on the stylistic design. Ceramic and acrylic pedestal sinks are considered the most popular materials, and steel is suitable for public places. Among the exclusive ones – glass, wood, stone.


Pedestal sinksPedestal Sink Pros:

Aesthetics. Modern manufacturers offer really beautiful pedestals, which look like an essential continuation of the sink.
Additional support. Some wall-mounted sinks are too heavy and need support.
Plumbing hiding. The drain and plumbing will not be visible from the side. All communications are hidden inside the pedestal.

Pedestal sink disadvantages:

• take up a lot of space;
• some models look old and outdated;
• require a combination between sink and pedestal