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Kitchen And Bathroom Sinks & Pedestal

There seems to be a huge difference between a kitchen sink and a bathroom sink (just like faucets). Indeed, although the main purpose of both products is washing, they differ significantly in the requirements that apply to them. The thing is that the functions of these sinks are still completely different.

It’s simple: a granite sink for the kitchen allows you to wash dishes, food and hands. But the sink in the bathroom is necessary to cleane, wash your hands, brush your teeth, and carry out other hygiene procedures. This leads to their external differences.

The internal shape of the bowls

Bathroom and kitchen sink collectionsFirst of all, the difference lies in the internal shape of the bowl. A kitchen sink (such as a stainless steel sink) is designed to be able to conveniently store dishes and place large dishes under the tap (this is also facilitated by new types of kitchen faucets, such as faucets with a pull-out shower or with adjustable height).

The next feature is the depth of the bowl. Without a doubt, it is the sink for the kitchen that has the greatest depth and spaciousness. Again, this has to do with dishes. As a result, splashes during washing do not fly out of the sink.

But for the bathroom sink, the opposite is true. A person can bend down so as not to splash water, so such bowls do not have great depth. And the shape of that product is more sloping, so that the drops immediately flow down.

Sink Materials

The materials used to make both types of sinks also differ significantly. In particular, kitchen sinks are mainly made of stainless steel or artificial stone. There are ceramic sinks and glass sinks. But the sinks in the bathroom are most often presented from sanitary ware or sanitary ware. There are also shells made of corian (artificial stone) and glass. But the first two options are considered classic.

Kitchen sinks made of stainless steel or granite (like granite faucets) are distinguished by higher parameters: they are resistant to temperature extremes, mechanical, chemical and physical influences of various types.

In addition, high functionality is usually required from a kitchen sink. For sinks in the bathroom, the main parameter is aesthetics. Therefore, kitchen sinks offer a huge number of additional accessories that simplify work in the kitchen. Manufacturers provide for the smallest details.

For example, there are detergent dispensers, a variety of cutting boards and drying baskets, special food shredders, colanders for defrosting or storage. All this turns a familiar sink into a real washing center.

But for bathroom sinks, such devices are not provided, and in principle they are not needed. But the size of the product is important and depends on the availability of free space in the bathroom. For a kitchen sink (for example, a kitchen sink with a base of 90 cm), the base in which it will be mounted is much more important.

And the types of shells of both types differ significantly. If kitchen sinks are usually cut in and mounted under the countertop (the so-called cut-in sinks and sinks under the table), then bathroom sinks are installed on a pedestal, semi-pedestal, often overhead.

The faucet for the bathroom and for the kitchen also differ significantly. If for the kitchen it simply has to be with a high spout, then for the bathroom it is not at all necessary. However, kitchen faucets can be equipped with a special pull-out shower that makes it easier to wash tall vessels. There are also mixers, the height of which can vary, that is, it can be adjusted to specific needs: wash pots – raise them higher, plates – lower them.

How to choose a sink?

However, it is better to buy both a sink for the kitchen and for the bathroom, taking into account the peculiarities of the interior of the premises. No matter how functionally rich a granite kitchen sink is, it should still fit into the overall style of the kitchen. It is best to explore the wide range of offers in order to choose a model that will meet all your needs and ideas about sinks.

You can do this on our website, through it you can buy a sink for the kitchen that you like. By the way, all the necessary accessories, extended descriptions, quality assurance are also presented here. You just have to choose “your sink”.