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60 Inch Bathroom Vanity

60 Inch Bathroom vanity double sink

A 60 inch bathroom vanity is a perfect size for a large bathroom that is being shared by two.
More often than not, a 60 inch bathroom vanity comes equipped with a double sink for use. Standard bathroom vanity sizes do vary, and double vanities are standard. However, you can find the right bathroom vanity size with a single sink. Master bathrooms and shared bathrooms can often benefit from double vanities as these are shared spaces, and with New Bathroom Style, you’ll find the right bathroom vanities for your needs.

Double vanities can prevent knocking into one another when you are getting ready for work, so if you are currently using a single bathroom vanity with drawers, think about expanding to 60 inch bathroom vanity with bathroom cabinets to match. Make sure that you measure the space that you have before you go shopping; you don’t want to end up with the wrong bathroom sink cabinets in your bathroom.

Often, you’ll find the sink in the middle of the bathroom vanity, allowing for more than enough space either side for your belongings compared to the double bathroom vanities. At New Bathroom Style, we provide a wide range of bathroom vanities, including the popular 60 bathroom vanity. Coming in a wide range of colors, we understand that no two homes are the same; but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find something to fit. With the right bathroom vanity with drawers, you can finish your bathroom off perfectly. Shop now with New Bathroom Style, and you’ll see our range of bathroom vanities available right now!