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48 Inch Bathroom Vanity

48 Inch Bathroom Vanity 

48 in vanity is an ideal size for medium-to-large bathrooms. At our store and on our website you will find a large assortment of 48″ bathroom vanities. Choose from different colors, brands, and price points that fit any budget and any home. Think about the dimension of vanity you require for the quantity of area you have in your bathroom.
Your bathroom vanity set size should be carefully considered when redecorating and renovating your bathroom. That is to make sure your bathroom is both beautiful and functional. The 48 bathroom vanity is perfect for a medium to the large-sized bathroom. Ir can also be suitable for two people to get ready at once – great for couples or families who are short on time in the morning!

Bathroom vanities come in a variety of styles and colors. Whether you want something glossy white and sleek, or something with a more wooden, traditional vibe. You’ll be able to find it in New Bathroom Style’s range of bathroom cabinets.

48 inches bathroom vanity perfect for large bathroom

A 48-inch bathroom unit with drawers will even give you extra storage space to keep your bathroom necessities stored safely, and your bathroom tidy and free from clutter. Our standard bathroom vanity sizes are 30 inch, 36 inch, and 48, so there is truly something to suit every bathroom decor, budget, and space.

You’ll want to consider how the bathroom vanity you are looking at will fit into your space – there are floating vanities, for instance, that help to give the illusion of more space if that is something you require. You may also want to consider the depth, as well as how many drawers and taps the cabinet has.

Our bathroom sink cabinets are of the highest quality, and we know we have something that will suit your needs perfectly. Take a look at our vast range and you’ll find something you love.