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Vanity Brands

Elegant 36 inch VF46036 Colors Blue Green Mango Wood Teak Bathroom Vanity


Blossom Bari V8030 36 29 MB 36 inch Modern Vanity For Bathroom


36 Inch Fine Fixtures Model Concordia Bathroom Cabinet, Model CA36BM


Fine Fixtures Model Opulence 36 Inches Modern Bathroom Vanity, Models OL36WB, OL36BL, OL36MG, OL36WH


Fine Fixtures 36″ Opulence OL36NB Single Bathroom Vanity Color Navy Blue


Blossom Geneva V8026 36 25 Color Navy Blue 36″ Freestanding Bathroom Vanity


Blossom RIGA 36″ Bathroom Cabinet Color Metal Grey


Dowell 36 inch 057 36 Free Standing Bathroom Vanity Modern Style In Four Colors


Dowell 36 inch 035 Series Contemporary Bathroom Vanity in Color Blue, Red, White


36 inch Dowell Series 006 36 Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity


36 inch Dowell Series 037 36 Freestanding Modern Bathroom Vanity


36 inch Elegant Decor VF10136 Traditional Bathroom Vanity In Four Colors


Elegant 36-inch Model VF48036 Bathroom Vanity With Ivory White Stone Top 


Elegant Decor Roman 36″ Wall Mount Vanity VF43536 in Colors Blue, Concrete Gray, Green, Mango Wood


36 Inch Elegant Decor Peen VF44536 Wall Mount Vanity Colors Teak, White, Walnut, Walnut Brown


Elegant Decor Penn 36 inch Floating Vanity VF44536 in Colors Blue, Concrete Gray, Green, Mango Wood


Elegant Decor Sloane 36″ Bathroom Vanity VF42536 In Colors Teak, White, Walnut, Walnut Brown


Elegant Decor Sloane 36″ Vanity Model VF42536 Colors Blue, Concrete Gray, Mango Wood, White



36 Inch Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom vanity size can completely change the look and functionality of your bathroom. You might want to select a smaller or larger vanity depending on the look you want to achieve, your space limitations, as well as how many people tend to use the bathroom at once. A 36 bath vanity can make the ideal size for small to medium bathrooms. It also fits larger toilets where you’re looking for a way to save a little space. We recommend selecting a large 36-inch vanity top for your medium-sized bathroom to get the best results on our website and in-store New Bathroom Style in Brooklyn, NY.

New Bathroom Style’s bathroom combos come in a variety of styles. Therefore there will always be something that looks great with your decor. You can find bathroom cabinets in glossy white finishes for a spacious and sleek look. Or go for something a little more vintage/antique-looking in black, red oak. There are floating cabinets to save space. And you could go for a vanity top with drawers to enhance your storage and further save space.

36 Bathroom vanity with sink – There are many alternatives to bathroom vanities with sinks in the market. You can also find a bathroom

36 Inch Bathroom Vanity NYC36″ bathroom vanity with a top and customize them to your liking. Color selection is also adjustable. One of the most popular models is a 36 in white bathroom vanity. One more option – 36 floating vanity or wall-mounted 36 vanity combo. Our standard bathroom vanity sizes come between 24 inches to 60 inches. Whatever your requirements are, you’ll find a great piece that works well with your decor, suits your budget, and enhances your lifestyle when you shop with New Bathroom Style.

Our bathroom sink cabinets are of the highest quality and highly cost-effective, so if you’ve been looking for a vanity top to suit your needs and a medium-sized bathroom, you don’t need to look further.