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Elegant Decor 32″ Model VF15032 Colors Blue Driftwood Green Bathroom Vanity


Elegant Decor 32″ Bathroom Cabinet VF15032 Colors White Gray Natural Wood Teak


32 Inch Bathroom Vanities

It is impossible to imagine an apartment or your own house without a bathroom. And the first thing to do in the bathroom is to install a sink and choose a beautiful cabinet under it. This will create additional convenience in everyday life. Various shelves and drawers will always be relevant in the vanity, and the room’s aesthetics will improve. With the help of cabinets, sewer pipes are hidden, which may look unsightly. A medium-sized cabinet will always be a helpful thing – 32 inch bathroom vanity with a sink is one of the most popular sizes in this category. Good furniture in the bathroom creates comfort for the inhabitants.

At New Bathroom Style, our experts will help select and deliver bathroom furniture. We suggest you professional contractors who will perform a competent installation in the shortest possible time. You can contact us by phone number on the “Contacts Us” page or through the feedback form.

To correctly approach the choice of 32 inch vanity, you need to know their types

Now there are three main types of bathroom vanities to choose from:
Freestanding – the unit is installed on the floor. This is the classic version. A sink is mounted on top of the cabinet. This design does not float. The legs or core of the vanity firmly support it. Inside the vanity are shelves and drawers for all the little things needed in the bathroom. The owner folds shampoos, shower gels, soaps, and other things.

Wall-mounted or floating

The floating cabinet is attached tightly to the wall. The wall must be strong, as the cabinet will be on its weight. It is convenient if the pipes stay on the floor, as there is a free space between the floor and the cabinet. It is easy to wash the floor and wipe the moisture under it. The bathroom is the wettest room in the apartment.
Corner cabinet. Useful in the bathroom, where there is little space. It occupies a small space, and things fit into it no less than in a quadrangular cabinet. It closes the pipes and has shelves where household chemicals are stored.
You can also choose some unique designs. For example, 32 inch bathroom vanity with a vessel sink, Elegant Decor, or Socimobel.

32 Inch Bathroom Vanities


How to choose the right 32in bathroom vanity? How can it fit into the interior as much as possible and remain functional and comfortable simultaneously? What to pay special attention to when buying?
The answer is simple:


We will select the most optimal option for you that matches the room’s characteristics and, of course, your preferences. You can read more information about us in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.