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Paini - La Toscana

Paini - La Toscana

La Toscana is one of the leading Italian vanity manufacturers that offers a beautiful and reliable line of products at incredibly affordable prices. The brand started in 1954 when the Paini brothers opened a small craft factor in the north of Milan. It was a small workshop dedicated to making bathroom fixtures like taps, but as the company grew, so did their range of products. Today, the company is still family-owned and operated, but has become one of Italy’s largest manufacturer of taps and mixers. The company produces well over four million units a year and its products are exported and sold all over the world.

Paini’s focus is to merge contemporary Italian designs with traditional styles in a comprehensive range that compliments any modern-day bathroom or kitchen. Their products are designed to be elegant and timeless, yet also practical and durable to withstand the needs of busy modern families. Their products are created using high-quality automated machinery and they place a heavy emphasis on quality control and consistency. Paini is one of the most efficient manufacturers of bathroom fixtures when it comes to production time and material efficiency, and the brand is constantly re-investing in its factory to ensure they have the best designers and machinery available for the job.


Paini is also dedicated to sustainability, becoming one of the few businesses in the industry that strives to become a greener business that understands the impact it has on the environment and actively aims to reduce their carbon footprint and waste.