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Nova Doors

Nova Doors 

Nova Doors has been offering various types and styles of interior doors since 2007 when it was first established. It has worked hard to build a solid reputation both on home soil and overseas. As one of the main distributors and designers of quality, durable bathroom doors.  Their goal is to provide customers with top-quality doors that are also affordable and long-lasting. Each product is thoroughly examined before it even leaves their factory. And their fantastic overall quality, fast turnaround, and outstanding customer service. Make them one of the most trusted producers in the world.

From simple laminated traditional interior doors to more unique offerings with square inserts, we offer a wide range of doors from Nova Doors that come in various sizes and can also be mounted as sliding doors and not just traditional doors that swing open. This added customization is a fantastic way to get the most out of each product in the Nova Doors range and can help you create a beautiful customized interior design scheme that suits your personal tastes.

The brand also offers a lifetime warranty with all of its hardware and a three-year warranty on wood products. This provides you with extra peace of mind when you purchase a door from Nova Doors. This is in addition to their outstanding quality and the ease of installation thanks to the many helpful instructions and videos provided by Nova Doors. If you’re ever in need of more help, then their outstanding customer service can also step in to give you a hand.

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