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Furniture of America: Crafting Joy Through Design

At Furniture of America, we’re more than just a furniture provider. We are purveyors of joy, happiness, and comfort. Our furniture is designed not just to exist in your home but to infuse it with a sense of satisfaction that resonates with you and those you care about. The journey from conception, through manufacturing, to retail, and ultimately to your home, is a journey we cherish and find profoundly rewarding.

Furniture of America Crafting Joy Through Design
New Bathroom Style is proud to announce that we are now an official distributor of Furniture of America’s exceptional product range.

Known for their innovative designs and commitment to comfort, joy, and quality, Furniture of America has revolutionized the way we perceive and experience home furniture.

As a trusted distributor, we extend Furniture of America’s promise to infuse your homes with warmth and joy. Whether you’re searching for a new bathroom vanity, storage solutions or want to entirely redesign your bathroom with unique pieces that truly reflect your style, we’ve got you covered. With Furniture of America’s versatile collection, we can help you transform your bathroom into a comforting haven.

New Bathroom Style believes in the power of good design and its impact on our daily lives. We are committed to delivering products that look good and create a sense of contentment and peace in your home. Furniture of America shares this commitment, making them a perfect partner for us.

This partnership aims to bring Furniture of America’s innovative and reliable products to your doorstep. Whether it’s a modern, minimalist design you’re after, or a more traditional, classic look, you’ll find it in the range of Furniture of America products we now carry.

Take this opportunity to breathe new life into your bathroom and home. Explore our newly updated collection featuring Furniture of America’s exclusive range of bathroom furniture, and together let’s make your home a reflection of you.

Invest in a lifestyle of comfort, happiness, and togetherness with Furniture of America, now available at New Bathroom Style.

A spirit of sharing and mutual growth guides us. We believe in nurturing relationships with our customers, community, and ourselves. Our business model, focused on our employees, rewards everyone contributing to FOA’s forward movement. We extend this spirit of generosity to our partners and communities, providing unmatched customer support and contributing to causes that foster community development. At FOA, sharing is the fabric of our strength.

Our humble beginnings saw Furniture of America start as a small group of dedicated individuals with a modest warehouse and an unwavering commitment to spreading happiness through our work. Today, we’ve grown into a family of hundreds, operating from five distribution centers and serving customers worldwide. We’ve become a prominent presence at the nation’s largest furniture trade shows and a leading source for US-made upholstery. We pride ourselves in contributing to our country’s job market and maintaining our competitive edge.