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Fine Fixtures: A New Way to Upgrade Your Bathroom

In 2005, partners Joel Hartman and Joseph Ostreicher founded Fine Fixtures to fill an overlooked need in the interior design marketplace. At the time, there were plenty of cheap, mass-produced vanity sets available flooding the market – discount lines that were affordable, readily available, and utterly bland. Also available were enchanting but prohibitively priced designer collections. Luxurious, tempting, and priced at levels the average consumer could. Consumers with more delicate tastes and a limited budget had to choose which design elements of their dream bathroom were essential and which they’d have to do without. This led to a growing, pressing need in the interior design community for a value option geared toward more design-savvy clients. Joel Hartman and Joseph Ostreicher had this need when they founded Fine Fixtures.

Our mission is to offer quality, high-end bathroom vanity sets at competitive prices. Using the same high-quality control standards as our designer counterparts, we’ve developed a line that provides you with everything you love about luxury design – without the hefty price tag. And so, from this need, Fine Fixtures was born, offering chic bathroom fixtures at affordable price points. Over the past decade, we’ve secured a prominent corner of the fixtures market, appealing to the discerning consumer who appreciates beautiful design and values a good buy. Here at Fine Fixtures, we’ve seen it all. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing more bathrooms than anyone should be able to see in one lifetime – and these are beautiful, expensive masterpieces that span the entire spectrum from small European design studios to sprawling suburban estates. And over this time, we’ve developed a deep understanding of what makes a perfect bathroom: you need good lighting and plenty of storage space for towels and toiletries. The official dealer, Fine Fixtures, is a store called New Bathroom Style in Brooklyn, NY, where you can buy all items from this brand.