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24 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania II Bathroom Vanity, Models OPUR24WH, OPUR24WA, OPUR24GR


30 Inches Fine Fixtures UR30WH Urbania II Vanity For Bathroom


36 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania II Vanity For Bathroom, Models UR36WA, UR36WH, UR36GR


48 Inch Fine Fixtures Shawbridge Single Freestanding Vanity With Top, Models SH48WA, SH48BL, SH48FB, SH48WH, SH48GR


48″ Fine Fixtures Shawbridge Double Sink Vanity With Top, Models SH48WA, SH48BL, SH48FB, SH48WH, SH48GR


60 Inch Double Sink Fine Fixtures Shawbridge Vanity With Top, Models SH60WA, SH60BL, SH60FB, SH60WH, SH60GR


60 Inch Fine Fixtures Urbania Single Sink Vanity With Top, Model: UR60WH


Fine Fixtures 24 Inch Oakville OK24MO Grey Modern Bathroom Vanity


Fine Fixtures 24 Inch Oakville OK24WH Modern Matte White Bathroom Vanity


Fine Fixtures 24 Inch Vdara VD24GT Modern Vanity With Top


Fine Fixtures 30 Inch Greenpoint Single Modern Bathroom Vanity, GR30BW or GR30WH


Fine Fixtures 30″ Model Opulence OL30NB Bathroom Vanity Color Navy Blue


Fine Fixtures 36 Inch Imperial Freestanding Modern Bathroom Vanity


Fine Fixtures: Transforming Your Bathroom into an Oasis.

Fine Fixtures, founded in 2005 by Joel Hartman and Joseph Ostreicher, saw a gap in the interior design market for bathrooms and set out to fill it. The market was dominated by cheap, uninspiring, mass-produced bathroom vanity sets or high-end and prohibitively expensive designer collections. Fine Fixtures was created to provide a solution, offering high-end bathroom vanity sets at competitive prices without sacrificing quality or design.

Fine Fixtures Shawbridge Finish Spicy Walnut 36 Inch Modern Bathroom Vanity Satin Brass Hardware 2023Our mission is to provide quality products that seamlessly blend luxury design with affordability. We use stringent quality control measures to ensure that each product we offer meets our high standards for structure and durability. We strive to make beautiful bathroom fixtures accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget.

With over a decade of experience, Fine Fixtures has become a trusted name in the bathroom fixtures industry. Our deep understanding of what makes a perfect bathroom, including the importance of good lighting, ample storage, and functional design, has helped us secure a prominent position in the market. Our products, including luxury bathroom vanities, toilets, pedestal sinks, and more, can be found at our official dealer, New Bathroom Style, in Brooklyn, NY.

Fine Fixtures offers a range of contemporary bathroom products, including faucets, cabinets, vanities mirrors, bathtubs, and accessories. We understand that you want reliability, functionality, and stunning beauty, all at a price you can afford, and we deliver just that. Our products are unlike those at big-box stores – every piece is constructed with sturdy materials and reliable techniques to ensure longevity.

At Fine Fixtures, we constantly evolve to meet our customers’ changing needs and tastes. We always listen to their feedback and provide the latest home décor and furnishings styles. Our commitment to quality remains unwavering, and we pride ourselves on delivering the exact types and products that our clients desire.

In conclusion, Fine Fixtures is your one-stop shop for transforming your bathroom into a haven. Contact us at 718-412-3675 if you have any questions about our products, and let us help you elevate your bathroom experience.