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Dowell 30 inch Vanity White Color 057 30 70V Modern Style


Dowell 24 inch 057 24 Modern Bathroom Vanity In Six Colors


Dowell 36 inch 057 36 Free Standing Bathroom Vanity Modern Style In Four Colors


Dowell 48 inch Double Sink 057 48 Bathroom Vanity Modern Style In Five Colors


Dowell Bathroom Vanity

Simple elegance is something we all aim for in bathroom design. And it’s a quality which Dowell (aptly pronounced ‘Do Well’) pride themselves on with their quality kitchen and bathroom vanity cabinets and bathroom products. That’s plain to see from their vanity units, designed to suit a wide variety of bathrooms, all at affordable prices.

057 24 Red U Legs Handles Front View 1Using sleek designs and quality materials, the brand has created a collection of modern bathroom vanities, which is sure to appeal to any current homeowner. You certainly can’t go wrong with a Dowell vanity if you want to freshen an outdated bathroom. These alone could uplift a room or form a fantastic centerpiece for a remodel.

Bathroom vanities offer a range from 24 inches to 60 inches. That means that a Dowell vanity could suit bathrooms of any size. Even in a compact space, a vanity unit like this could provide storage and appeal. And the 60-inch model’s bathroom cabinets are sure to look the part in a bathroom which has room to accommodate. You can undoubtedly guarantee the matte black and espresso bathroom vanity options on offer will draw the eye of anyone entering the room.

As if their striking designs weren’t enough. The brand also offers a lifetime warranty (dependent on installation) on all bathroom and kitchen products, including vanity units within this collection. That makes their killer prices an even more appealing prospect, with a Dowell vanity lasting your whole life long if that’s what you desire.

If these Dowell vanity units catch your eye today, then don’t hesitate to stock up and see your bathroom dreams come true.