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Design Element

Design Element Bathroom Vanities

Design Element is a top-tier supplier and industry leader for bathroom vanities in North America. Since its establishment in 2007, they’ve provided complete solutions for bathroom vanities. Which suffered under inspiration by both modern and traditional styles. Assisting homeowners in creating a beautiful home appeal that is unique to their personal tastes. All of the Design Element’s products consist of high-quality materials. Hands of masters that have been in the business for decades. Design Element prides itself on the various types of vanities that it offers customers. And also the extra support they provide after the sale is made.

Design Element offers model home-grade vanity sets. That often come with everything required to lift your bathroom to new design heights. Packages often include counter tops, sink basins and frame mirrors that are all coordinated in style and color, making the package a simple all-in-one purchase that is easy to install. This saves you a lot of money, hassle. And makes it easy for you to pick a package that will instantly fit your decor arrangements and personal tastes.

There’s a huge selection of packages available with unique color schemes and patterns that will fit a wide range of tastes. From a humble 30-inch single sink vanity unit with a glass top and storage to a large 61-inch double-sink wall mounted vanity set with a contemporary basin design. There are plenty of choices in our range of Design Element bathroom vanities.

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