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Danze has been a kitchen and bath industry leader for nearly 20 years. The focus for Danze has always been beautiful, sophisticated, and practical product design. In both Danze faucets and Danze shower systems. However, most people don’t realize that Danze is not a newcomer to the industry. This brand has a sister company named Gerber, an 85-year old manufacturer that produces some of the most well-known and highest-performing products on the market.

To meet home products’ diverse and ever-changing needs, this brand has rebranded to Danze by Gerber. Now it offers a range of handcrafted and reliable products that offer fantastic performance, durability, and style in a single package. Their massive range of kitchen and bath accessories and faucets is used in countless homes across the country. And the diverse selection of Danze faucet styles makes them a popular choice. For anyone that is looking to personalize their home with unique decor further.

From bronze faucets to shiny chrome fixtures, the brand offers a massive selection of available products on our website. They’re the perfect balance of reliability, quality, and style while remaining affordable for most people looking to either replace their existing bathroom and kitchen faucets or build their home from scratch. Few companies can offer such reliability with style, but Danze by Gerber manages to pull it off with ease. Their products are indeed the result of years of hard work, dedication, and commitment to the customer experience.