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Ariel Bath

Ariel Bath

At ARIEL BATH, we believe that every home’s bathrooms should be able to provide the same luxurious, spa-like experience. To become the dream homes we all aspire to attain. It is the first room we go to when we wake up in the morning. And it's the last room we visit before heading off to bed. We believe these seemingly small and uneventful moments are what life is truly all about. And as a result, aim to create the best bathroom experience without the prohibitively high costs of having to buy or build a dream home.

By combining trend-forward designs from here in the USA with European engineering and overseas manufacturing, Areil Bath are able to provide our customers with an unparalleled quality of product. Such productc yet not seen in the market today at inclusive prices that allow everyone to create their own dream bathroom. When designing and crafting our products, we keep one main point in mind. If we wouldn’t put it in our homes, you shouldn’t put it in yours.