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Aquadom – Cabinet with lights 

We’re delighted to bring our customers a wide range of Aquadom products to lend a touch of class and contemporary beauty to any bathroom. Just one look at these brands’ stunning range of bathroom mirrors and cabinets is enough to demonstrate much. The outstanding craftsmanship and premium quality materials make the brand prestigious and beloved.

Yet, beneath the stunning and elegant surface, Aquadom leverages cutting-edge technologies to bring utility and convenience to your bathroom and beauty.

Lighting, your way!

Aquadom Medicine cabinetsAquadom’s signature triple-color temperature lighting allows you to light your bathroom your way. Whether you’re going for a relaxed look to highlight the pristine beauty of your surroundings, a warmer look to help you relax after a long day, or a mixed face that gives you the best of both worlds, Aquadom products provide lighting your way.

Digital clock

Never be late for work again. Many of Aquadom’s products have discreet digital clocks to help you keep track of time while shaving, grooming, or applying your makeup.


Say goodbye to misty bathroom mirrors and cabinets forever with the integrated defoggers found in many of Aquadom’s offerings.

Electrical outlets and USB connectivity

Charge your phone and power your electronic devices while you relax in the bathroom. Please look at our Aquadom products, which offer integrated electrical outlets and USB ports.

Aquadom brings beauty, finesse, and functionality to your bathroom. Please take a look at our wide range of the company’s products. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect cabinet or mirror for your luxury bathroom.