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Apollo Showers

Apollo Distribution specializes in the luxury product such as Shower Doors, Tub Doors, Bath Tubs, Toilets, Exhaust Fans, Shower Panels, Faucets, Shower Niches, Tile Trims, doors and more. Shower panels Apollo are sleek-looking and consequently have the propensity to work ideal in a contemporary bathroom. Shower panels Apollo is stainless-steel is a recommended choice, especially when coupled with various other stainless-steel components in your bathroom. Typically the Shower panels Apollo will certainly have a portable nozzle, a showerhead and also several horizontal nozzles to offer you an experience as you’ve never ever had prior to. They do have the tendency to be a bit extra pricey but once you try it, you’ll never ever go back to a normal shower head again. Whatever shower or finish you select, simply make sure it matches your total bathroom design. The Apollo Shower Panels are stylish and contemporary. Monolith construction of the shower panel makes your shower room safe. Easily change temperature with the integrated pressure balance regulator. Stainless steel brushed body and chrome regulators.