Side cabinet Othello for the Aurora Bathroom Vanity

The side cabinet is of Othello dark wood color with two self-close adjustable drawers and adjustable hinges. It fully blends in with the Aurora bathroom vanity in terms of color and style. It is made in Spain by Socimobel company. The side cabinet is reversible, meaning that you can have the door open from the left side or from the right side. Inside the side cabinet there are two glass shelves of the same color as the cabinet itself. The side cabinet has the same Othello finish on the inside and on the outside. The side cabinet can be very conveniently placed right above the toilet. This particular side cabinet is very handy when it comes to placement of bathroom furniture in smaller bathrooms because it has plenty of empty space inside. The side cabinet mounts on two adjustable installation hooks. The hardware mounts are located on top and on the bottom of the side cabinet. They are adjustable and very easy to level. This side cabinet comes without handles. The doors are rectangular shape.


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