NOVA Triplex-004 White interior door

Feel secure when you are sitting at home or your office with this sturdy and durable door. The glass has two panes with a layer of film in between to give you privacy. The door is made from solid, durable Siberian pine so that you know that you’re getting a quality door. Perfect for any home and office setting, this door comes in your choice of sizes so that it can be customized to fit the needs of your office and home.

Model Triplex 004
Color White
Finish Lacquered
Glass Yes – Triplex Glas (Glass-Film-Glass)
Door Construction Solid Pine Wood with MDF
Door Slab Height 80 inches
Door Slab Width 17-1/4″, 23-1/4″, 27-1/4″, 29-1/4″, 31-1/4″, 35-1/4″
Door Thickness 1-1/2 inches
Door Slab Weight N/A
Minimum Rough Opening 20″ x 82″, 26″ x 82″, 30″ x 82″, 32″ x 82″, 34″ x 82″, 38″ x 82″
Jamb Width 3-3/4 inches
Door Molding Width 2-3/4 inches
Custom Size Any Width. Height Up to 92 Inches
Custom Color Over 30 Colors Available for Custom Order
Fire Rating None
Interior Doors


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