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Amba Towel Warmer Traditional 2536

Rounded Bars with finials at each corner.
Helps bathrooms stay warm, mold and mildew free.
Suitable for draping large towels and bathrobes.
Expertly crafted brass finials and pipes.
Italian heating system.
Can be wired on the left side for an extra charge upon request.
The overall depth of the towel warmers is 5 3/8” the internal depth is 3 1/2”
Unit has a built in thermostat for optimal energy consumption and safety.
Safety cut out temperature of 158 degrees F
Integrated security thermofuse, set at 242 degrees F, adds additional safety.
It be controlled by an optional on/off switch or 24 hr / 7 day programmable timer.
Heating Element Certified by UL (small UL logo) made in Italy
Available in Polished Nickel.
3 Year Warranty.

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