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60 Inch YANE Deluxe Euro line Bathroom Vanity Bellizza Made in Spain

Give your bathroom a glamorous addition with this New Bathroom Style Exclusive Double 60” inch Modern Bathroom Vanity. This is high quality luxurious bathroom vanity is made in Spain by company Bellizza. The glossy brown finish in the front and glossy copper finish on the sides, as well as the brown double glass sink creates an eye-catching look. With a minimalistic and modern design this vanity has eight height adjustable legs. Complete with nine spacey chrome handles and 9 soft -closing pull out drawers. Each of the four parts of the drawers are fully adjustable for each vanity, The Vanity is made up of three parts. Two 24” inch cabinets and one 11” central piece. The “YANE” bathroom vanity offers ample storage for all of your washroom necessities and is perfect for smaller space

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