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Give your bathroom a glamorous makeover by adding this New Bathroom Style Exclusive Modern Bathroom Vanity Cabinet. This Bathroom vanity cabinet is made in Spain from the highest quality MDF/DT materials. It is of glossy metallic white color with splashes. It can fit in any ultra-modern design view in your bathroom. Its double glass sink with a unique metallic color with sparkles finish creates an eye-catching royal look. All hardware is included. With a minimalistic and modern design, this vanity is perfect for smaller space. There are 9 chrome glossy handles with 9 piece Swarovski crystal glass on the large drawers and three crystals on the small drawers. All drawers open independently from one another and are self-close (by Hettich German mechanism). Complete spacey, self- closing (by a very smooth mechanism) 8” high pull out drawers. The drawers can be easily taken out and put back for maintenance. There are cutouts in the middle of two upper drawers for connecting plumbing. All drawers are 13.5” inches deep and 23” wide. Each drawer is adjustable for perfect incline. There are organizers in the upper left and right drawers. There are eight stainless steel shiny legs that resemble lion’s paws on the bottom. The legs are not adjustable, so you may have to have the floor leveled. All hardware is included. The “Cloe” Swarovski bathroom vanity has an extremely luxurious look and offers ample storage for all of your washroom necessities. This vanity model, along with correctly matched tile, will amazingly decorate the bathroom.

Socimobel  Made in Spain



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