Give your bathroom a glamorous makeover by adding this New Bathroom Styles Exclusive Modern Bathroom Vanity. It is available in  32 inches,36 inches, and 48 Inch size. This is a highly luxurious wall-mount bathroom vanity is made in Spain by “Bellezza” company. It is made out of highest quality MDF/DM material on the market. It is attached to the wall with two brackets. There is a 3D textured décor pattern on the front of the vanity. The sides are glossy anthracite grey. There is one big drawer, and one drawer inside the vanity. All drawers have a self-close mechanism. The doors are adjustable There is a stylish chrome handle. There is a wavelike finish at the bottom of the vanity. This vanity may come with the original mirror and original side cabinet which are sold separately. This Vanity can fit in any design view in your bathroom.  With an antique/ultramodern design, this vanity is perfect for medium space. The “Cher” bathroom vanity offers ample storage for all of your washroom necessities.


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