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32-Inch ESTILO-2 Modern Bathroom Vanity Color Siroco

 Wall mount modern bathroom vanity Estilo-2 Socimobel. Gives your bathroom a glamorous makeover by adding this New Bathroom Style Exclusive Modern Bathroom Vanity. This is a highly luxurious bathroom vanity Made in Spain. It is made out of highest quality MDF/DM material on the market. The vanity comes in dark wood color that can fit in any ultra-modern design view in your bathroom. There are two drawers on the left and one door on the right. It comes with ceramic sink or can be custom made in 10 different colors from the glass. Complete slow closing system (by German mechanism) pull out drawers. Drawers are easily taken off and on for your convenience. After installation of the vanity, you can adjust the corners of each drawer. For an additional support, you can use stainless still metal legs that sells separately.






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