Bathroom counter tops options | Material for bathroom vanity counter-tops

Bathroom countertops options

Bathroom counter tops options. Those with a lower budget for their bathroom renovations might be turned off by the current market price of natural stone counter-tops like granite and marble. Even man-made engineered stone is quite expensive these days.  For more affordable options, one should turn to the Solid surface, Formica, or Tile as the material for a bathroom vanity counter-top.

Material for bathroom vanity counter-tops

Solid Surface otherwise known as acrylic tops are the most expensive option of the three. Its solid color and shamelessness make it a perfect option for those who want to have a modern look to their bathrooms. The drawback to such an aesthetic become incredibly apparent when scratches and other such blemishes appear. Fortunately, such blemishes are relatively easy to buff out making required upkeep cheap and rather minimal. The main downside to Solid Surface is its weakness to high temperatures, such as those that can come from curling irons as well as be prone to acquire dents when heavy objects are dropped on it.  The unique aesthetic and easy maintenance of Solid Surface makes it an excellent choice for a modern style bathroom.


One of the most affordable materials for bathroom vanity counter-tops is Formica. The thin layer of plastic over usually plywood base makes the counter-top easy to clean as well as water resistant. Due to the progression in technologies regarding the manufacturing process of this material over the course of the last 60 or so years, it has become a fairly durable and affordable. One thing however that hasn’t changed is the materials tend to dull over time which is often a point of concern when it comes when considering to uses this material. This issue is further compounded by the fact the material is notoriously hard to fix when damaged, making the longevity of counter-tops made of it questionable. Overall it’s a cheap option that will look good and perform well for a time; but, don’t be surprised when it needs to be replaced after a few years.


Tile counter-tops are an incredibly cheap option that fits well with many bathroom styles due to the ability to use any color imaginable. Tiled counter-tops are resistant to scratches, high temperatures, high moisture, and stains.  Under large impacts, tiles may chip or crack. The tile itself if easily replaceable since each piece can be replaced with no issue. The problems arise from the grout which is necessary to create these tops. It may be hard to clean while often being prone to staining and other such blemishes. If looking for a cheap initial cost with relatively easy upkeep, one could do a lot worse than a Tiled counter-top.