Blossom Sirius 24 Inch Led Medicine Cabinet

New LED Bathroom Cabinet

Blossom Sirius 24 Inch Led Medicine Cabinet
Blossom Sirius 24 Inches LED Medicine Cabinet

In this article

we will discuss some basic points on choosing a LED medicine cabinet for bathroom.

You may agree that there must be a mirror above each cabinet with a sink. We present you a new Blossom medicine cabinet with lights model – Sirius 24 Inch Led Medicine Cabinet.

Blossom Sirius 24 Inches LED Medicine Cabinet

LED Cabinet

Before buying any kind of furniture you must answer answers to several important questions:

– What kind of furniture do you want to install in your home?
– What size of furniture do you need?
– What is the installation method?
– What materials?
– What coating?
– What systems and functions should it have?
– What price segment should this furniture be from?

Then you have to make a choice in what format it should be. There are two options:
  • an ordinary mirror with or without a shelf at the bottom
  • or a mirrored cabinet. 

A bathroom mirror is chosen when there is no need to get additional space for arranging hygiene and perfumery items and for this. The only one shelf under it, usually made of glass, is enough.

Blossom Sirius
Medicine Cabinet

Blossom has plenty of different bathroom vanity, mirror and cabinet models and they often update the product line. 24 inch LED medicine cabinet SIRIUS is one of the newest models. The main innovation of the unit is an amazing design solution – virtuously implemented LED
lighting on the very edge of the mirror. This feature significantly expands the available mirror area and hence visually increases the room in the bathroom.


LED Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet

A cabinet is a priority when you need extra space.

 This happens in cases when there is not enough room in the bathroom to accommodate a wide cabinet with a sink or an additional pencil cabinet. Mirror cabinets are usually produced in two types, the first is when the entire front of the cabinet is a mirror surface and, depending on the size and design, is equipped with one or two doors.
Another option is when a vertical cabinet of a small width is installed on the mirror. Opening direction can be on the left or on the right, and containing two or three shelves inside. Mirror cabinets, following the
example of mirrors, can be equipped with lighting, a socket and other additional functions. The dimensions of the mirror cabinets and mirrors are the same as the vanity units with sinks. When choosing a quality bathroom furniture you may rely on well-known, popular brands. Blossom is one of them.

Blossom Sirius 24 Inches LED Medicine Cabinet

"Blossom units are always equipped with the most up-to-date innovations"

 You can easily control the light brightness and temperature with a soft touch button. Are you tired of getting your mirror fogged while you are taking a shower? Forget about this problem. With a built-in defogger that turns on automatically you will never get your mirror fogged. For your convenience, there is also a LED light in the inner side of the cabinet.

The cabinet is also comfortable for charging your shaver/trimmer/cell – phone or any other electric device that is suitable for bathroom use.
Sure, all Blossom LED cabinets feature 5mm copper free mirrors, scratch-free painting finish, surface or recess mounting, grooved door edges and corners for safe use, adjustable 8mm thick tempered glass shelves.

In New Bathroom Style you are always welcome to consult, browse the collection and make your perfect purchase of any kind of bathroom furniture, including lighted medicine cabinets.

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Blossom Sirius 30 Inch LED Medicine Cabinet

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