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60 Inch Medicine cabinet with light Aquadom

New Bathroom Style, Bathroom Supply Showroom in Brooklyn, NY, presents a new flagship model of Aquadom 60 Inch medicine cabinet with light:

When choosing interior elements, their appearance and fitting into a particular style are most important. But, there is an exception. A mirror’s design depends more on what is nearby and is reflected in it. And there are very few characteristics that are important for a successful purchase. For sure, you need to buy a unique mirror for each room. And the most critical point where it must be placed – in the bathroom. In this case, the mirror should be of sufficient size and with a clear reflection image. It is precisely significant because we get cleaned up and do all our hygienic procedures at the beginning and end of each day.

60-Inch-Medicine-cabinet-with-light-Aquadom _

Many manufacturers give up on decorative elements and wooden frames on bathroom mirrors due to the high humidity conditions. Also, a beneficial construction is a combination of a medicine cabinet and mirror. The most advanced models have LED lighting, a clock, and other functions.

Where to buy a bathroom mirror?

Today there are many points where you can buy mirrors for your bathroom. But the showroom with one of the largest collections of bathroom mirrors is situated in New York. At the New Bathroom Style bathroom supply store, you will find collections from leading European brands – unique, luxurious, lighted, and other abovementioned functions.

 New Bathroom Style presents a new 60-inch flagship medicine cabinet with light from the Aquadom brand. Now it is made of more robust scratch-resistant aluminum. The mirror thickness is also increased by 5 mm. The new SR model has a 3D-lighting function and preinstalled dimmer. It means that you can choose the illumination shade by yourself – cold, warm or neutral. Another handy function – is defogger. Now your mirror will always be clear. Even when emitting steam from a hot shower. 72 inch – is the maximum size. But this model is also available in 12 other sizes. You can easily choose the one that fits your bathroom precisely.

When you make your purchase in a New Bathroom Style shop, you can be sure of the quality of the products and service. The showroom is located in Brooklyn, New York. You can also see all the models on the website or call the manager to get the best price today.


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