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Modern Trends Of Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities And Modern Style

Each person strives to arrange the premises of his home in accordance with his preferences, worldview, psychological characteristics, attitudes, and habits that have developed over the course of his life.

general interior style

Many times when you think about bathroom vanities, an image will come to your mind of an antique or Victorian style. Still, modern bathroom vanities can be convenient, stylish. Even the color preferences of all people are different. Someone likes a bright orange color, while another considers it too annoying and prefers to paint the walls in dark. The same applies to the general interior style. Which is formed primarily depending on the home owner’s lifestyle, as well as family members. The bathroom here is also not an exception. And by the interior style, you can easily determine the owner’s character. A typical modern bathroom may not include the enclosed area underneath the sink. Instead, the sink will be on a stand or even attached to the wall, which leaves the space underneath it open and exposed to what to consider when purchasing a bathroom vanity. Is one of the primary considerations when you are thinking about purchasing and installing bathroom vanity, and with modern bathroom vanities that is even more so.

Bathroom design includes

Most often bathroom design includes such styles as a modern, high-tech, classic style, ethnic style, Provence, and country style. One of the most popular today is hi-tech and modern. Let’s look at their distinguishing features. The modern style is characterized by the use of modern products produced in droves, due to which they are not too expensive and available to everyone. In the modern style, built-in ceiling lights, bathroom zoning with the help of lighting, and various decorative elements and modern furniture are often used.

 Other Types of Bathroom Vanities

If you aren’t necessarily into the modern idea, there are several different options for you to think of as well, including a single sink, double sink, wall mount, or corner bathroom vanity style. Each has its pros and cons, including price, size, installation procedures, and availability of designs. The modern type is the odd one out of the whole group because the others have the enclosed space underneath. One Downside of Modern Models Typically, one of the reasons that people install bathroom vanities is so that they will have the space underneath to store things like cleaners, chemicals, hairdryers, shaving accessories, tools, and other things that are useful but don’t necessarily need to be out in the open. Because modern vanities don’t have that enclosure, you might think about keeping those items somewhere else, for example, underneath your kitchen sink. There are other ways to store things in the bathroom, such as bamboo box storage, wicker storage, or other space-saving ideas like that. Ultimately, the modern vanity idea will force you to think a little bit more creatively about where you put your toiletries.

Modern Style

There are two directions that can be distinguished in this style: fusion and minimalism. Fusion as the name implies is the quintessential decoration and objects of various styles: unique bathroom vanities, specially decorated medicine cabinets, etc. Such direction as minimalism means the absence of frills, the use of simple, not elaborate, decoration elements, straight lines, a minimum of furniture, and other interior items. The very important detail here is a truly a modern bathroom mirror – with lights, LED-clock, different types of lighting, USB-port, and much more. And a must-have item – is a modern bathroom vanity set. Depending on your needs you can choose from 24 inch up to 60 inch bathroom vanities. Double sink bathroom vanity will be a good alternative if you have a large family, while a properly chosen single sink bathroom vanity can add some elegant look to your interior.


High-tech bathroom

The design of the bathroom in the modern style involves the use of modern convenient and functional plumbing – corner bathtubs, showers, hydro massage. Original designs combined with modern materials – all this fits perfectly into the modern style.

High-tech is the high technology and maximum functionality in everything! A high-tech bathroom is distinguished by the use of materials such as glass, chromed metal, plastic. Among the pieces of furniture in such a bathroom, you can often find chrome racks and mirror cabinets. The shower cabin with a hydro-massage and a stereo system will fit perfectly into the bathroom. Faucets are used in unusual “space” forms. Lighting can be both general and local, highlighting separate areas in the bathroom.

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Check out examples online of some modern ideas, and you’ll get some idea if that is the right decision for you.