Modern Single Sink Vanity

Article about modern bathroom vanity

Modern single sink vanity

What could be more beautiful and cozier than a beautiful bathroom, furnished in accordance with the latest interior design trends? Perhaps the bathroom, in which a modern single vanity is the part of the interior!

Let’s see what are the best modern vanities?


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Choosing a suitable bathroom vanity is a keystone for a modern design template.

Wall Mount Modern Vanity

Floating bathroom cabinets are perfect for saving more space and laconic designs.

Flouting Bath Cabinet

A Little Bit of History First

This piece of furniture is a truly personal “territory”. Cosmetics, personal hygiene items, and jewelry are stored here. In front of the mirror, the homeowner can apply a makeup, take care of his/her face, and do hair styling. Usually, vanities are richly decorated. This embodiment of luxury and design imagination will help to decorate any interior. It is believed that bathroom vanities first appeared in the 18th century. This graceful piece of furniture is an invention of the Baroque era.

The first dressing tables were richly decorated with bronze and gold ornaments and Chinese motifs. They looked like pieces of art. Small mirrors stood on special stands or were mounted in a hinged cover. Pretty quickly, the idea of ​​a dressing table spread throughout the world. And after the models for the bathroom with a built-in sink and shelves for bath accessories appeared, the vanity in the bathroom became an indispensable attribute.

Ideas for Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern vanity cabinets are perfect to beautify even a small space. It is rather important to choose the appropriate size of a so called “bathroom dressing table”. It is necessary that it does not clutter up space but at the same time, it does not get lost over a large area. And, of course, it needs to fit as many items as possible on the countertop and inside drawers.

For example, a 24-inch bath vanity will work well in a small bathroom. But for a spacious room with a lot of light and emptiness, 48-inch bathroom cabinet or bigger is suitable.

There are also intermediate options. For example, it could be 36-inch vanity for bathroom or a bathroom vanity of 30 Inch length.

The next thing to highlight is style. For each interior design, you may choose your own vanity. If you have a large bathroom, decorated in the spirit of 18-19 centuries, then a classic vanity should be installed, with rich decor, gilding or inlays. But in the strict minimalist or Japanese-style bathrooms, it will be inappropriate. Conversely, a laconic dressing table with a photo print on the facade will be the center of attention in a plain bright bathroom in a modern style, but in a baroque or classicist interior, it will look like an elephant in a China shop.

New Bathroom Style Offer:

Standard Size Of Bathroom Vanities

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