Modern Italian mirrors for bathroom and your home


The mirror is a utilitarian piece of furniture. It is also the most important decorative accessory that is able to transform an area. With the help of mirrors, it is possible to change the degree of illumination in the room and to resolve stylistic and planning problems of the interior. When choosing a mirror, it is important not to overdo it with the saturation of the number of interior reflections and, thereby, do not destroy their effect. Using this decorating technique, you can visually expand the space (this is the main feature of mirrors) or to increase the amount of light in the room by placing a mirror opposite the window or near lighting fixtures.

Luxurious Italian mirrors

For centuries, Italian mirrors are considered to be of the best quality and most beautiful in the world. Modern Italian brands do not lag behind in skill from their ancestors. From year to year, they strike customers with incredible design solutions, filigree technique execution and impeccable quality of their products.

Interior mirrors from Italy are a solution for irresistible interior

The mirror, as a decorative element, plays an important role in designing the space. In the right hands, it is able to significantly expand the space of the room, place the necessary compositional and color accents. Italian mirrors are the embodiment of luxury and elegant style that will transform and beautify any interior. Factories offer a variety of finishes. Among the most popular ones is gold, of course. However, in recently more and more designers are using ivory or silver. The mirror for the bedroom doesn’t have to be the same color as the rest of the furniture. On the contrary, a mirror in a gold frame or a mirror in a silver frame will serve as a good accent.

Such mirrors are perfectly combined with the rest of the furniture. An interesting solution is a mirror with a console in the same style and the same finish. In this case, they create a complete set and do not require stylistic support. Sun-shaped mirror remains very popular. This decorative mirror is often placed above the headboard or on the dresser. Despite its small size, this mirror would be appropriate in any room. Also, it will add not only heat but also harmony just about anywhere. Mirror in a carved frame will give refinement to your interior. Such mirrors are very well fit into any interior. You can buy mirrors in a carved frame in different shapes and sizes in our store New Bathroom Style.

The harmony of taste in the stylistic diversity

Our store New Bathroom Style offers elite and exclusive interior Italian mirrors from the best manufacturers who work in different stylistic directions: classic and modern, Art Deco and minimalism.

Classic interiors will be even more luxurious and more elegant, supplemented with traditional mirrors in their carved frames of precious wood and decorated with intricate carvings by the best craftsmen in the furniture business. Floor mirrors in wooden frames look particularly luxurious and fully fulfill their original functional purpose – to produce a person’s reflection in full height. Stylish wall mounted mirrors can be complemented with elegant consoles. Such sets would be appropriate to buy not only for the hallway but for the living room or dining room.

We offer modern designer wall and floor mirrors for those who prefer more laconic and strict forms over the skillful gilded frames. Unique concepts and unexpected forms of these products make them works of art. Italian floor mirrors will allow you to realize the most daring fantasies in the design and construction of your home.

Advantages of floor mirrors

Mirror floor is not only a beautiful but also a functional piece of furniture. Namely, floor mirrors are recommended by designers for bedrooms and dressing rooms. They allow you to see your reflection at full height, and also have more possibilities for placement in an area. Either strict minimalist models or exquisite and intricate ones – they bring special chic and luxurious look into the room.

Mirrors from Italy are not only defined by superior design, but also for excellent quality. The ideal surface smoothness and clarity of reflection, the highest characteristics of strength and durability – all of that distinguishes the products of Italian factories offered on our website or in our showroom located at 1973 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204 Tel: 718-412-3675. Whether it be simple geometric shapes or unexpected asymmetrical models: everyone can find his ideal place among such a variety. We are glad to offer you Italian mirrors in our stock and on special order. These mirrors, without a doubt, will beautify your house.

You can buy Italian mirrors from leading Italian manufacturers and creative designers from us at an attractive price.

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