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Floating Sink Cabinet for bathroom

Floating Sink Cabinet

floating vanity

Plumbing equipment and furniture for the bathroom determine the comfort and atmosphere in the room. Not only the attractiveness of the interior but also the ease of use of the space is important. As a rule, a small space in an apartment or house is allocated for a bathroom. Therefore, choosing optimal objects for different parameters and placing them correctly on the available area is essential.

Depending on the size of the bathroom, various cabinets are installed in it for storing hygiene products, washcloths, and accessories. A functional version of such a product that does not take up much space is a modern floating vanity unit. This furniture comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes. How to choose a really worthwhile option from a wide variety of offers on the modern market? What to look for when buying, and why do you need a vanity unit at all?


Small floating vanity

This type of bathroom furniture plays several roles at the same time:

  • carries a decorative function, allowing you to hide communications;
  • is a storage system due to sufficient internal space;
  • The cabinet’s countertop can serve as a kind of table for placing bottles and jars with cosmetics and shampoo.

Installing a small floating sink cabinet allows you, saving valuable meters, to properly organize the space, especially if this furniture is selected, taking into account the peculiarities of the placement of plumbing and other interior items.

Floating sink cabinet

The modern furniture market offers to buy a cabinet with a sink of various configurations. One of the most popular is wall-mounted vanity. By default, this type of vanity does not have supporting legs, so such models do not burden the interior. The furniture does not contact the floor, so the water on the tiles under the unit can be easily wiped out. A floating vanity cabinet is an excellent option for small bathrooms. The design features do not allow the installation of structures on legs, for example, due to plumbing boxes and communications running along the wall. The disadvantage of the model is the complexity of the installation. Since the furniture is mounted on the wall, the overlap must be solid in order to efficiently support the weight of the cabinet itself and the sink. Floating cabinets are not attached to walls sheathed with plasterboard sheets or other similar material.

Like any other furniture, modern floating vanities are now produced by manufacturers in different designs and a variety of interior styles. A wide range of models makes it easy to choose a plan that will perfectly match the materials of the bathroom and other interior items.


White floating vanity

Traditional colors for bathroom furniture are pastel colors – white, cream, blue, light green, but in the line of many furniture brands, you can find products in ultra-fashionable bright colors. According to the criteria for the decorative design of the surfaces of the countertops, there are no restrictions. There are countertops in a modern style and models in retro or classicism styles.

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Floating vanity with drawers

As for the internal filling and the number of built-in shelves of the vanity – this choice depends solely on the needs of the inhabitants of the apartment or house, in the bathroom of which the furniture will be installed.

The interior space can be divided not into two, but into more compartments. This is especially convenient for large cabinets under the washbasin, but for small models, the “crushing” of the internal space is not justified.

If, when choosing a bathroom cabinet, you take into account all of the above criteria, then choosing the best furniture option for a particular room will not be difficult. If you still have doubts, consult with the manager of the online store, who will help you purchase an excellent modern floating vanity for a cheap price and an excellent quality. 



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