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Modern Floating Vanity Will Maximize Your Bathroom Space 1

A Modern Floating Vanity Will Maximize Your Bathroom Space


 Maximize Your Bathroom Space

In this article, we will discuss what a modern floating vanity is and how it can help you make the most out. Many homeowners find that their bathrooms are too small to accommodate a standard freestanding vanity for a room size of 5×7″. However, you can use your valuable space more efficiently with the modern floating bathroom vanity. And hence free up some room for other things. If you have a small apartment and pets, you can place food and water bowls for your cats and dogs under it. A modern floating bathroom vanity is a new trend in bathroom designs. Wall mount bathroom vanities are units attached to the wall with mounting mechanisms. They are used to store bathroom supplies, hold mirrors, and offer a marble countertop with a vessel or single glass or ceramic sink. The modern floating bathroom vanity is a great way to maximize space in your small bathroom. With this option, you will have more room for towels and toiletries on the shelves below the sink instead of filling up valuable counter space of a traditional cabinet. You can also customize the sinks and faucets if you choose to do so. Another great thing about floating vanities is that the extra space underneath them can make a small bathroom look bigger than it is.


  Floating Cabinets For Bathroom Visually Extend Space 

They can contain drawers or doors, where you can put cleaning supplies, and anything else. Vanity cabinets can be made from wood or MDF, be combined with the structure of bathtubs, sinks, showers, or other pieces of any bathroom. Undermount space won’t provide you with an enormous amount of additional inches, but it will allow you just enough space for a basket or two, perfect for linens, towels, or toiletries. Or you can opt not to fill that space at all, which creates the illusion of more room. Feeling like your bathroom is larger than it really is can make the space more comfortable and relaxing.


Floating bathroom vanities are becoming more and more popular as they offer a new way to maximize space in your small bathroom.
The vanity’s size, type, style, brand, and material will be the best determiner of the price. That means that these factors are the most important for making a decision. Wall mount models made of wood and MDF will be the most common for people who own private houses or apartments, and this is due to the price and aesthetic desirability. Different types of wood and staining levels can produce a unique look for anyone wanting a certain kind of wood. The bathroom vanity can have a staining technique that changes people’s immediate impression when they see it.


The downside can occur when pipes get leaky under the counter and cause damage to the wooden structure. Sometimes it is better to go for a waterproof polyvinyl wall cabinet if water leakage is a risk. Porcelain models are a less popular choice but can still provide an excellent vanity for people looking for this kind. More expensive than the wooden type, the porcelain vanities can offer different style options, making the trade-off evident for some people. Water damage is not an issue with porcelain, either, so that is another factor.
 Wall-mounted vanities and cabinets will cost more for installation than traditional model vanities, as you also need to account for the installation time and materials for building required.


Modern wall-mounted bathroom vanity models made for storage can offer a space-saving alternative to those on the floor. Being able to put drawers underneath these vanities can bring a unique feel and function to any bathroom. The problem with using a wall mount vanity for storage is that the structure needs to be able to handle a lot of weight. This means that the installation can be difficult, impossible, or take a lot of time. Since extra supports might need to be added to a wall that might not be strong enough.


Often coupled with LED mirrors or other accessories, floating vanities can create an atmosphere that many people are ready to pay for. The customization can include style and material around the mirror, storage underneath, and anything else the buyer might want to see on their new furniture unit. Since it doesn’t necessarily have to provide storage, a free space, or hold pipes, the customization is the most versatile with this type of vanities. It will fit in the bathroom for anybody who buys it. New Bathroom Style sells different models and styles and all popular sizes such as 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 48 inch and 60 inches, single sink or double sink models. A wide selection of vanities f for any budget is presented at our showroom and our website. You have to may determine your priorities and your objectives when you want to renovate your bathroom. You need to have a vision that is clear enough and one which can meet your budget for spending. Visit our website and make your choice.

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