Modern black vanities

Black Bathroom Vanity

Europeans were acquainted with black furniture at the beginning of the colonial era when black lacquered tables and wardrobes began to arrive from China. Objects covered with carvings, inlaid with mother-of-pearl and ivory, served as an adornment of aristocratic houses.
Since then, black furniture has become much more affordable but remains a special theme in interior design. In modern design projects, interiors with black furniture are increasingly common. The right approach allows you to create attractive interiors in rooms of any purpose and style.
When planning the purchase of furniture for an apartment, we are guided by certain principles and characteristics. The bathroom should not be an exception, so we will also rely on quite logical criteria when choosing.

Modern black vanities

Modern double sink vanity

A modern black vanity – is a perfect option if you expect your bathroom to be exquisite and unique. It’s a great way to hide pipes, plus you can put a lot of useful things in there. In particular, towels and even hygiene items can be folded there. Black vanity with a sink, among other things, looks presentable. It will also make your bathroom more comfortable for a huge family or a big house if you choose a double vanity option – as it can serve two people simultaneously.
In addition to the vanity, you may consider buying a mirror cabinet above the sink. A convenient attribute for storing personal hygiene products and a first aid kit. It is compact and multifunctional – without a mirror, it will be uncomfortable in the bathroom.

Modern vanity cabinet

One of the first criteria for choosing a black bathroom vanity is its appearance. Bathroom furniture should be combined with the interior, the design of plumbing, and most importantly: you should just like it.
Next, pay attention to the material from which the vanity is made. You can find more information about the choice of furniture in other articles on this blog.
The quality of the furniture assembly also plays an important role in the selection. The doors should open and close easily, without effort and extraneous sounds, and the shelves should be tightly attached to the walls. In the presence of cracks that cannot be reached with cleaning, the service life of the furniture is significantly reduced, since water gets there, the material begins to collapse.

84-inch double vanity

Floor and tiles color to combine with a black bathroom vanity.

For black furniture, the issue of choosing the color of the floor is strategically important – the lighter it is (up to pure white), the brighter the room will look. The same principle applies here as for white furniture on a subfloor – a contrasting combination enhances the impression.
Lightwood or a high-quality imitation is ideal for flooring. It is very good for the general impression if bleached oak, maple, ash, larch are chosen for the floor. But the floor of red shades and dark objects is not combined well.

Modern wall mount vanity

The choice of a dark color for the floor covering remains on the designer’s conscience; an excuse can only be the design of a bathroom in the Gothic style or a particularly severe minimalist interior.
When decorating the interior, you should not chase the number of dark objects; let it be one, but an original black toilet or an elegant wall-mounted black bathroom vanity with an elegant faucet. You also need to pay attention to the surface, glossy or matte. Glossy items get more attention but also need frequent maintenance. Matte furnishings are not as defiantly luxurious, but they look better in an interior with a muted, natural palette.

Wall mount bathroom vanity
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