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Modern bathroom vanity. If you want to add a modern design element to your home, you can use a modern bathroom vanity in your bathroom. Remodel your bathroom with a selection from our collection Socimobel, Bellezza, and GB Group. This collection you can see in our store in address Bathroom Vanities Store 1973 65th Street Brooklyn, NY 11204. For larger bathroom space the double sink vanities are available. The single sink vanities will provide an expansive look in smaller areas. Choose from wall-hung and free-standing models for the perfect fit. We have a variety of materials for a custom design. Whether you are looking for a sleek black finish, a bold oak construction or modern glass, you will find the right match for your home in our showroom. Modern bathroom vanity comes in different variants while countertops are available in ceramic, acrylic, glass, stone and more.

How to choose a modern bathroom vanity

Modern furniture in the bathroom makes great storage. You can use it not only for your bathroom lotions and potions, but it also offers a good solution for storage of towels, bedding and so much more depending on the size of your unit. Once you choose the modern bathroom vanity that is right for your design taste, you will be satisfied with your selection on a daily basis. Every bathroom vanity in a modern bathroom is hand-crafted with the best materials and sealed finish to prevent fading, peeling and cracking.

These cutting-edge bathroom vanities are durable enough to outlast the competition. The prices of vanities are the same attractive as the products themselves.

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