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Modern Bathroom Trends 1

Modern Bathroom Trends

Recently, the bathroom has evolved from a room where it is customary to drop in for 10-15 minutes in the morning and evening, to a place that combines a spa, a relaxation area, and even a gym. Therefore, attention was paid to the appearance of the bathroom no less than to the interior of the apartment. Every year designers tell us what will be fashionable and what should be paid attention to.


Traditional style bathroom

When choosing a new bathroom vanity or cabinet of the interior, it is necessary to take into account constant humidity and temperature fluctuations, which are integral companions with frequent use of the bathroom. This factor is especially important if you want to purchase products made from natural wood, which has not been treated with special protection. For example, a medium-size bathroom 30 inch vanity. In the absence of good ventilation in small bathrooms, such furniture will quickly lose its aesthetics and swell. Therefore, it is recommended to use laminated chipboard or MDF as a base, which are characterized by high moisture resistance and do not change their properties with sudden temperature changes.

Bathroom retro style

A similar illusion is typical for the retro style. Its elements have also migrated to the bathroom. But the main object of the interior is still a container for water procedures – a luxury bathroom vanity with faucets. But if the family budget allows you to spend a lot, you should pay attention to one of the most durable and expensive metals – copper. All fittings are selected from the same materials as the European bathroom vanities. It is even necessary to think about such trifles as valves on taps: it is preferable to choose “lambs”.

The growing desire to care for the environment has migrated into the daily life of a person. Eco-style is gaining popularity. His fans prefer plumbing fixtures and furniture with soft organic forms. As for the room, it should be spacious. A friendly attitude towards nature is expressed both in the choice of natural materials and in the introduction of energy-saving technologies. The former include elegant wooden modern bathroom vanity. They look luxurious, but they have a very significant disadvantage – a very high cost.


Black and white themed bathroom

In 2020, black color has become one of the most popular. True, you should not get carried away with it too much, because dark tiles in conjunction with furniture to match will look gloomy. To make the room look really stylish, it is enough to add details in the color of ebony: for example, a bathroom cabinet or lighting fixtures. But, if you are still not afraid of the prospect of acquiring a gothic- mysterious room for water procedures, decorators advise adding at least a bright-colored lighting.


Best white for bathroom

Contrary to the previous trend, white remains a timeless classic and never goes out of style. Do not be afraid of excesses here: “snow” monochrome not only looks attractive but also adds light. It is not difficult to choose plumbing in this option.

The interest of designers in a uniform color scheme can be traced not only in relation to white. Gray is also very popular. To prevent the appearance of the room from looking boring, experts advise to “play” with shades and textures. In addition, it is believed that this color adjusts to success in work. Agree, it’s nice to get a positive charge before going to the office.

Good news for those who are not ready for radical experiments: as before, beige and all shades of brown remain relevant. These colors look elegant and noble. They have a positive effect on the human psyche, relieving anxiety.

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