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Double Bathroom Vanity

Modern Double Bathroom Vanity

” Analogs of bathroom cabinets and vanities installed in bathrooms have become indispensable helpers as they store various little things and cosmetics. Near the vanity, you can wash your face, brush your teeth, put yourself in order, style your hair, and apply makeup. Therefore, a modern bath vanity must combine functionality and spaciousness. And, of course, it must please an eye.”


In this article

Let's discuss what is important to take into account if you want to buy a modern vanity cabinet.

Vanity is an exquisite piece of furniture. If it is already included in a set with shelves or cabinets, you do not need to bother whether it looks harmoniously with the rest of the furniture. However, vanity is not always included in bathroom furniture sets. So, if you choose it yourself, you have to make it match the room’s general style, match the color and other furniture units. There is also a universal solution for any type – a modern white bathroom vanity.



“If you have space in your bathroom double sink vanity is a great solution..”

The number of sinks

If you live on your own or only use the bathroom with a spouse or roommate, there is no doubt that a contemporary vanity with a single sink will work for you. But if you value space, want to tidy up without a bathroom schedule, or have many roommates and family members using the bathroom, a two-sink vanity is a great solution.


The vanity should have a suitable work surface for you to place cosmetics, bath accessories, or jewelry on it. It is better to choose a vanity of the size that is right for you so that there is enough space for all the accessories. For example, in a spacious bathroom, it can be a modern bathroom vanity of 60 inches. One more solution is a 48-inch bathroom cabinet that is no less comfortable but suits the smaller washroom.

Using Double sink vanity



In everyday life, you will use this piece of furniture all the time. So maybe a little mess. It may look inevitable. Even the best modern vanities will never look as perfect as in photos from glossy interior and design magazines if you fill the entire countertop with jars and bottles. It is convenient if your bathroom unit will be equipped with spacious drawers and shelves to hide some of the accessories from prying eyes. Then it will be easier to maintain order.

And, of course, the visual design of your vanity in the bathroom plays a huge role. It’s not just about color, it’s also about style. Choose laconic models for austere modern interiors and artsy, striking ones if your bathroom is decorated accordingly. And the New Bathroom Style Offers will help you with this. Here you can order modern double vanity with a 20% discount in-store. We will be happy to help you to choose the best bathroom cabinet and provide free shipping to any state.

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