Mistakes to avoid in bathroom

Mistakes to avoid in bathroom

The bathroom is above all a place of relaxation where you take care of yourself, but unfortunately, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if the place you are not vigilant enough about the different domestic risks that can occur there. Whether you or your children, the bathroom can be dangerous if you do not take any precautions, then focus all your safety and that of your people and avoid missteps.

Do not let hang electrical appliances connected to the side of the bath

There were no surprises and we all know: water and electricity do not mix! Also not worth taking unnecessary risks. When someone in your family takes a bath, do not use electrical appliance (hair dryer or electric razor for example) next door. An uncontrolled skid, a gesture unhappy and you might electrocute your pet bath …
Your children are more prone to accidents in the home so be vigilant. Make sure to unplug your electrical appliances after use and do not let them reach smaller.


Do not neglect your electrical installation

More broadly, the electrical installation in your bathroom should be spotless to avoid this kind of danger your entire electrical system must be standards, no bare wire, switches well isolated, taken well protected to prevent little fingers lurking … and you will avoid many accidents already in your home bathroom.

Do not overlook the risk of falls and burns

To reduce falls and nasty accidents due to slipping on tiled wet, consider carpet anti-slip bath inside and out of the tub and shower.
them for your children, should not be left alone in the bathtub and on the changing table. Two or three years, when we fall into the bath, you can not necessarily take her back alone. The risk of drowning is indeed present even with only 20 cm of water … and if he returns to the changing table and fall to the floor, the consequences can be dramatic.

A burn is also very fast arrival. Use a thermometer when you run a bath, provide a protection valve to prevent burns. More broadly, consider using thermostatic mixing valves and intelligently adjust your water heater: is it necessary that heats water to over 50 degrees?


Do not leave medicine or cosmetic, or sharp objects on hand for your child

In a bathroom, there really is something to poison. This is often the first place where drugs are stored, so instead of storing them in a drawer reach of the smaller plan rather than a medicine cabinet with a key! face creams, perfumes, shower gels and shampoos others are not edible … then just expect high shelves that small hands will not reach!
Finally, nail scissors, the metal files, razors and all these little handy accessories for our toilet but very sharp for small fingers should be carefully stored after use. Preferably in locked drawers or places unreachable for children …

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