📌 Microtek Technology On The Shower Doors

📌 Microtek Technology On The Shower Doors

Microtek Shower
What is “Microtek” technology? Is it worth paying more?

What is “Microtek” technology? Is it worth paying more?

“Microtek” coating is a chemical coating on the glass surface that reduces glass erosion and thereby reduces the amount of moisture and dirt that gets trapped in the pores of the glass when using the shower enclosure.
Such coating is used on most of Fleurco shower doors.
Advantages of “Microtek” surface that buyer can count on after the purchase:
- less dirt is retained on the surface
- the remaining dirt is easier to clean
- the rate of erosion of glass decreases, thereby increasing its reliability and service life.
Microtek shower doors care:
The Microtek coating can lose its reliability over time due to the influence of detergents, therefore, it is advisable to use special chemicals for shower cabins every 6 months in order to restore the effective action of the Microtek coating.

Microtek For Shower Door

Why you need a Microtek?

We all know how important bathroom hygiene is, and how much effort and time it takes to keep a bathroom clean. Large glass shower enclosures are especially difficult to keep clean. Undoubtedly, all of you have often seen traces of drops and drips of water on the glass in showers. In fact, the surface of the glass, which appears to us to be perfectly smooth, actually has microscopic pores that are invisible to the naked eye. In this regard, glass “attracts” and retains water. Under the influence of moisture, silicates contained in the glass undergo hydrolysis, as a result of which a layer of silica gel forms on the glass surface. In addition, the reaction between glass and the salts of iron, manganese, etc., contained in water, with the grease and detergents contained in detergents, causes the so-called corrosion of the glass. Corroded and damaged glass surfaces are very difficult to clean and bacteria grow and settle on the dirty surface. The problems of keeping cabins with unprotected glass clean are probably familiar to every user, and the use of aggressive chemicals for cleaning only aggravates the corrosion process.

Microtek For Shower Door_

Technology Microtek



Fortunately, technological advances in glass protection in recent years have eliminated the phenomenon of corrosion. Fleurco glass protection technology with a special Microtek coating guarantees effective and long-term protection against corrosion and preserves the high aesthetic characteristics of products. The Easy Clean coating is a protective polymer layer invisible to the naked eye, formed during glass processing. The coating has hydrophobic properties, so that water droplets do not stick to the glass surface and flow off without leaving a residue. Deprived of direct contact with water, the protected glass surface does not corrode, and the deposition of any contaminants on it and the development of bacteria is greatly reduced in comparison with uncoated glass. During application, the Microtek layer forms a strong bond with the silicon contained in the glass, transforming into a part of the glass surface. The resulting long-lasting coating compares favorably with glass protectors available on the market, which provide only short-term protection. Unfortunately, as a result of exposure to water and detergents, the effectiveness of the coating (especially its hydrophobic properties) gradually decreases, and therefore, once every 6 months, it is recommended to use the Microtek Protector, which restores the protective layer.

Microtek For Shower Door

Surface care

"Every time after using the shower stall, rinse the glass with water to remove soap residues from it. It is recommended to wash the glass with a soft cloth. It is recommended to remove more complex dirt with the help of the glass cleaning products. It is not recommended to use aggressive, caustic and abrasive products, as their use can damage the protective coating."

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